Wicked Music

Established on November 11, 2011 (National Metal Day), Wicked Music was created with express purpose of being a specialty store dedicated to the following musical genres:

  • Hard Rock
  • Metal
  • Hardcore
  • Punk
  • Goth
  • Industrial

I do this because I love music (primarily of these genres), but also to give the people in our area who love this music the chance to access it. The last store in town that came close to carrying any of these styles closed a few years ago based on a corporate decision, and created a void in the area. I've always wanted to do this, and I love sharing this music with other people. This is my passion, and if you're reading this page, I know it's yours, too. 

So, in short, if there's anything you need, I'll do my best to provide it here. Wicked Music will grow slowly, but it will grow with your continued support for your local business.