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Amon Amarth - Once Sent From The Golden Hall

Back on Black

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Available formats: CD; double gatefold 180 gram vinyl.

CD: Metal Blade 1998

Vinyl: Back on Black 2009

Track list:

1. Ride for Vengeance

2. The Dragons Flight Across the Waves

3. Without Fear

4. Victorious March

5. Friends of the Suncross

6. Abandoned

7. Amon Amarth

8. Once Sent From the Golden Hall

9. Siegreicher Marsch (Live)* (vinyl and re-issue only)

10. Ride for Vengeance (Live)* (vinyl and re-issue only)

11. Without Fear (Live)* (vinyl and re-issue only)

12. Victorious March (Live)* (vinyl and re-issue only)

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