Wicked Music

Carnage - Dark Recollections


Available formats: CD with 8 bonus tracks; double gatefold 180 gram Black vinyl.

CD: 2000 Earache Records (reissue)

2xLP: 2014 Earache Records/Century Media Records

Track list:

1. Dark Recollections

2. Torn Apart

3. Blasphemies of the Flesh

4. Infestations of Evil

5. Gentle Exhuming

6. Deranged from Blood

7. Malignant Epitaph

8. Self Dissection

9. Death Evocation

10. Outro

11. Crime Against Humanity (Demo)* (Bonus track)

12. Aftermath (Demo)* (Bonus track)

13. The Day Man Lost (Demo)* (Bonus track)

14. Crime Against Humanity (Rough mix)* (Bonus track)

15. Aftermath (Rough mix)* (Bonus track)

16. The Day Man Lost (Rough mix)* (Bonus track)

17. Torn Apart (Demo)* (Bonus track)

18. Infestation of Evil (Demo)* (Bonus track)

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