Wicked Music

Defleshed - Abrah Kadavrah/Ma Belle Scalpelle

Hammerheart Records

Sold out.

Available formats: CD.

2005 Unveiling the Wicked/Hammerheart Records (re-issue).

Track list:

1. Beaten, Lovely and Eaten

2. Mary Bloody Mary

3. With a Gambrel

4. In Chains and Leather

5. Abrah Kadavrah

6. Gone with the Fæces

7. Anatomically Incorrect

8. On Gorgeous Grounds

9. Body Art...

10. ...Pierced Through the Heart

11. Gathered Flies

12. Morbidiance Blue Cafe

13. Simply Fell Towards

14. Many Mangled Maggots

15. Ma Belle Scalpelle

16. Mary Bloody Mary (Live)

17. In Chains and Leather (Live)

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