Wicked Music

Dismember - Like An Everflowing Stream

Willowtip Records

Available formats: CD with 4 bonus tracks; double gatefold 180 gram Black vinyl with 4 bonus tracks.

CD: 2012 Willowtip Records

2xLP: 2010 Back On Black

Track list:

1. Override of the Overture

2. Soon to Be Dead

3. Bleed for Me

4. And so is Life

5. Dismembered

6. Skin Her Alive

7. Sickening Art

8. In Death's Sleep

9. Deathevocation* (Bonus track)

10. Defective Decay* (Bonus track)

11. Torn Apart (Carnage cover)* (Bonus track)

12. Justifiable Homicide* (Bonus track)

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