Wicked Music

Evocation - Evoked From Demonic Depths-The Early Years

Century Media

Available formats: Limited slipcase CD and limited double gatefold 180 gram vinyl with CD in two pressings: black vinyl and red/white vinyl.

2012 Century Media Records.

Track list:

1. A Wind Has Risen

2. Through the Darkened Peril

3. The Ancient Gate

4. Desolated Spirits

5. On a Journey to Heaven

6. Where the Headstones Shine

7. Veils Were Blown

8. Spiritual Affinity

9. Outro

10. On a Journey to Heaven (Rehearsal)

11. Where the Headstones Shine (Rehearsal)

12. Spiritual Affinity (Rehearsal)

13. Veils Were Blown (Rehearsal)

14. Genesis (Unreleased - 1992)

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