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Grotesque - In The Embrace Of Evil

Century Media

This release, originally put out in 1996, is an absolutely essential piece of Swedish metal history, showing Grotesque's growth throughout the late '80s and early '90s. This monumental metal has not been issued as a stand-alone release for ages, and it is now available on white vinyl for diehards that can't get enough of this highly influential Swedish death/black metal band. Comes in a gatefold sleeve with all the original artwork, strictly limited to a mere 500 copies worldwide.

Available formats: CD; Double gatefold 180 gram White vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

2xLP: 2012 Century Media Records

CD: 2015 Candlelight Records

Track list:

1. Thirteen Bells of Doom

2. Blood Runs from the Altar

3. Submit to Death

4. Fall into Decay

5. Seven Gates

6. Angels Blood

7. Nocturnal Blasphemies

8. Spawn of Azathoth

9. Incantation

10. Church of the Pentagram

11. Ripped from the Cross

11. Ripped from the Cross

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