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Nechochwen - Azimuths to the Otherworld

Bindrune Recordings

Available formats: CD.

2009 Bindrune Recordings.

Track list: 

1. Allumhammochwen:  The Crossing

2. At Night May I Roam

3. Gissis Mikana

4. Red Ocher

5. The Eyes of the Mesingw

6. Charnel House

7. Graves of Grandeur

8. Confluence

9. Noameatha, You are the Ghost in the Water

10. The Forgotten Death Ritual

11. Hunting Among the Stars

12. Four Effigies

    a) The Turtle Effigy

    b) The Adena Pipe

    c) Amanita Mushroom Wand

    d) Weeping Eye

13) Azimuths to the Otherworld

14. Graves of Grandeur (Reprise)

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