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Odz Manouk - Odz Manouk

Profound Lore Records

Sold out.

Available formats: CD, limited to 500 copies.

A mysterious black metal entity from the Los Angeles area with ties to the infamous Black Twilight Circle of artists, Odz Manouk creates some of the most stunning, mind-warping and unearthly black metal today.  With the band’s work previously available only in limited cassette runs, this special Profound Lore release collects their cult self-titled album for the first time ever on the CD format with bonus material. This is the future of raw underground U.S. black metal.

2012 Profound Lore Records.

Track list:

1. A Mymex Omen

2. Mechanics of a Nightmare

3. The Indisciplinarian

4. Interlude

5. I Will Crush to Marrow This Crow of Ill

6.Damiens (The Regicide)

7. The Roaming

8. The Scavenger

9. The Sloth

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