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Sacred Reich - The American Way

Displeased Records

Sold out.

Available formats: Re-issue CD with 6 bonus tracks.

2009 Displeased Records (re-issue).

Track list:

1. Love...Hate

2. The American Way

3. The Way It Is

4. Crimes Against Humanity

5. State of Emergency

6. Who's to Blame

7. I Don't Know

8. 31 Flavors

9. The American Way (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

10. Love...Hate (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

11. Crimes Against Humanity (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

12. State of Emergency (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

13. I Don't Know (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

14. 31 Flavors (pre-production demo)* (Bonus track)

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