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Vreid - Goddammit: Vreid Live at Rockefeller

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2010 Indie Recordings.

Full VREID concert from the Inferno festival at Rockefeller, Oslo 10.04.2009. Great 7-camera production. Mixed by Hváll at Studio1184. Tons of bonus material. Interview with band conducted by Dayal Patterson of Metal Hammer, clips from various tours and studio sessions. Complete video blog from the 2009 North America tour.

Live at Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway, 10.04.2009 47:44
01. Intro
02. Blücher
03. Svart
04. Speak Goddamnit
05. I Krig
06. Milorg
07. Raped by Light
08. Alarm
09. Pitch Black

Bonus material

I. Biography 41:13
01. Ulcus
02. Windir
03. Vreid
04. Picture Gallery

II. Pitch Black (Video Clip) 04:38
III. USA Blog 26:25

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